Justin Picknell


Justin Picknell

Name: Justin Picknell

Hometown: Woodstock, ON

Summer Internship: The Bruce Hotel, Mango Salad (Thai Restaurant), and Oxford General Bakery (my own small baking business that I started this summer for fun, selling my breads and baked goods at the Downtown Woodstock Market).

Top Achievement: Buying and rebuilding an antique truck mostly on my own.

Favourite Food: East Coast Donair

Quirky Fact: I have a habit of not listening when people are telling me important things. It’s a problem.

Career Goal: To have fun working in the food industry, I have so many things I want to learn how to do very well. Butchery, baking breads, pastry, pasta making and the list goes on. I eventually want to own a small restaurant, café or bakery and eventually retire to running and owning a Bed & Breakfast somewhere in rural Ontario.

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