Cory LeBlanc - Stratford Chefs School

Cory LeBlanc

Hometown: Komoka, Ontario

Summer Internship: I was working my way through Level 1 at Stratford Chefs School.

Favourite Food: French Bistro, Vietnamese, Thai.

Favourite Kitchen task/position: I love learning all aspects of the kitchen.

Career goals/aspirations post-SCS: To start a catering business.

Fun Fact: I’m a former 8th grade teacher. I have 4 children.

What Sets Stratford Chefs School Apart



Innovative Program

Our unique program model is method-based, hands-on, experiential, work-integrated learning.

High Quality Program

An enriched, immersive curriculum with exceptional standards and small classes.

Expert Instructors

Our approachable Chef Instructors and Guest Chefs bring diverse experience and culinary backgrounds to our collaborative, real-world learning environment.

Not-for-Profit Model

Profits are reinvested into our program and facilities; fundraising helps keep tuition costs realistic.


SCS is widely recognized for training cooks who become the best chefs. Our reputation is built on Alumni success stories.

Applications are now open for our 16 Week Diploma Summer Program and our 32 Week Professional Diploma Program 2020!

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