Jules Faulkner - Stratford Chefs School
Jules Faulkner

Jules Faulkner

Hometown: London

Summer Internship: Keystone Alley. Okazu, SCS

Favourite Food: Cold grapes

Favourite Kitchen task/position: Grill, Pastry, and Plating

Career goals/aspirations post-SCS: Lately I’ve been looking into post-grad coursework in advanced pastry and sugar work.

Fun Fact: I like to draw.

Summer 16 Week Diploma Course

Earn your Cookery Diploma this Summer!





You’ll learn the basics of classical cookery and pastry in five hands-on classes per week.

Cookery and pastry classes are coupled with theory classes in subjects related to the culinary and hospitality fields including: communications, writing, food costing, food history, sanitation, nutrition, wine and kitchen management.

The program runs from June 3 – September 20, 2019.

Successful students will graduate with a Cook: Basic – Level 1 Diploma.

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