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Alumni Testimonials

“When I decided to be a chef, I made it a goal to pick the best culinary school in the country to build a solid foundation. I chose the Stratford Chefs School, mostly for its reputation for producing talent, for its intense training program, and for the intimate student – teacher ratio. I certainly wouldn’t be where I am in my career without the connections I made and the skills that I learned there.”

Carl Heinrich | Executive Chef and Co-owner, Richmond Station, Toronto | Stratford Chefs School Class of 2005 | Top Chef Canada 2012








“The information taught at SCS takes choices from a matter of opinion and habit to being researched and thought out. I find that my voice and style as a Chef are respected because my SCS education has given me such a stable foundation that is well respected throughout the industry. Courses such as Commodities and Gastronomy have provided me with the inspiration to aim for a Masters Degree in Food Studies. Without these courses, I would not have experienced such great stepping stones toward research in food and culture.”

Donna Borooah | Chef Instructor | Dish Cooking Studio, Lucy Waverman for The Globe and Mail and Food & Drink Magazine | Stratford Chefs School Class of 2016







“I found my time as a student at Stratford Chefs School instrumental in providing me with the tools and knowledge for success in the early stages of my career. It gave me a strong foundation which I was able to build upon through my experiences abroad.”

Eric Robertson | Chef, The Restaurant at Pearl Morissette, Niagara | Stratford Chefs School Class of 2011







“The education I received here allowed me to immediately write my Red Seal and step into a management position. The experience and knowledge of the Chef Instructors surpasses any other course or program I’ve looked at. The level of knowledge learned by graduates of SCS is also far superior than any other graduate students I’ve seen first hand that apply for a job at my business. As an older student I had doubts, but SCS gave me the support and determination to finish the program. Turns out it was the best decision of my life! Thank You SCS!!

Vanessa Wagar | Manager, The Scone Witch, Ottawa | Stratford Chefs School Class of 2015






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