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CGC Dinner: Ryan Crawford, Backhouse

Jessica Iveson

136 Ontario Street, Stratford, ON, Canada

Wednesday, February 21st, 2018
at 6:30 pm

meg’s egg | trout caviar | fried egg white mousse | confit yolk

student snack | student chef to select

smoked daikon radish | black garlic | ginger | verjus | mushroom

wood oven sourdough breads | stirling churn 84 & emerald grasslands butters

duck liver mousse | duc apricot | brioche

hot smoked saugeen ojibway whitefish | mushroom ragu | dillon’s vermouth | jerusalum artichoke

ontario harvest venison ragu | house extruded rigatoni | white bean | kale | fried sourdough

dry aged spit roasted linc farm pork loin | wood-fired “baby” cabbage | ontario peanut | raisin

ontario artisanal cheese | $12 supplement | $20 supplement with wine

icewine float | sorbet | sparkling unfermented gewürztraminer icewine

preserved summer berry cobbler | pawpaw

petit fours

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CGC Dinner: Ryan O'Donnell

Brian Goodman

136 Ontario Street, Stratford, ON, Canada

Thursday, February 22nd, 2018
at 6:30 pm

Coconut curry soup & Sweet bread karaage, chilli oil, herbs

Wood fired Salad, shitake mushroom, beets, grilled gem lettuce, pomegranate, kefir, toasted seeds

Personalized okunomiyaki, smoked summer sausage, soy bbq sauce, togarashi aioli, bonito

Whole fire roasted fish, steamed rice, Mercer gremolata, pickled red cabbage creme fraiche, kimchee, lettuce wraps,

Charred pear frozen mousse, Seabuckthorn tequila sorbet, hazelnut financier,

Profiteroles, passion fruit curd, orange passion fruit glaze

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CGC Dinner: Randi Rudner

Katie Wong

136 Ontario Street, Stratford, ON, Canada

Friday, February 23rd, 2018
at 6:30 pm

Albacore, Daikon, Lapsang Souchong & Iceberg Lettuce

Jerusalem Artichoke, Heartnuts, Roasted Yeast & Fresh Curds

Sweetbreads, Burnt Bread & Herbs

Market Fish, Carrot, Coriander & Coffee

Popcorn, Passionfruit & Miso

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CGC Dinner: Scott Roberts, Cassia

Anna Carroll

136 Ontario Street, Stratford, ON, Canada

Saturday, February 24th, 2018
at 6:30 pm

Albacore Tuna / Green Chili / Sour Mango / Kaffir Lime

Cuttlefish / Pacific Prawn / Water Chestnut / Mangalitza Pork / Squid Ink

Lobster / Bonito / Potato / Sansho Pepper

Guinea Fowl / Foie Gras / Squash / Elderflower / Gingerbread

Duck Breast / Abalone / Buckwheat / Wild Mushroom / Charred Brassicas

Coconut / Yuzu Semifreddo / Passionfruit

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CGC Dinner: Sean Collins, Red Rabbit

Isabel Gantenbein

136 Ontario Street, Stratford, ON, Canada

Tuesday, February 27th, 2018
at 6:30 pm

To be served NOSH Monday family style

Braised beef cheek poutine

Beets Russian style with egg and dukkah

Slow roasted corned beef. celeriac gratin, molasses mustard

Jerk cauliflower with fire roasted baba ganoush

Roasted squash fenugreek curry, fresh paratha

Tiny chicken sandwiches

Maple cannoli with caramel nut corn

“Tropical” shortcake

Warm chocolate babka. salted caramel ice cream

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CGC Dinner: Paul Boehmer

Thomas Maracle

136 Ontario Street, Stratford, ON, Canada

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018
at 6:30 pm


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We are happy to announce that we will be holding a session of the Level 1 Program from June 4th, 2018 – September 21st, 2018.

For the first time, we will be opening the program up to International Applicants.

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