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Stratford Chefs School is a registered charity and not-for-profit career college providing innovative, hands-on training to aspiring chefs and culinary entrepreneurs.

For forty years, the support of a generous community has helped us support student needs and maintain our high standard of excellence. Your generosity will allow our students, and by extension our community, to thrive.

You can direct your tax-deductible contribution to several areas of need



Awards are presented to students who achieve academic excellence while bursaries are solely based on financial need. Your donation to the Student Support Fund will have a huge impact on deserving students, so they can pursue their culinary dreams.





Your donation will help enrich the student experience by supporting initiatives such as Graduation, and our Canadian Guest Chefs program, which offers students once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for hands-on learning and networking with Guest Chef mentors. These experiences often lead to internships, jobs, and more.

Stratford Chefs School Class of 2022

Class of 2022 at Graduation

Langdon Hall Executive Chef Jason Bangerter

Langdon Hall Executive Chef Jason Bangerter works with Student Chef Mary Delorme (Class of 2023) at his Canadian Guest Chef Dinner at Stratford Chefs School.

Dinner Lab Instructor Joyce Singh (Class of 2008) works in the School’s professional teaching Kitchens.

Gabrielle Hamilton, an American chef, author of Blood, Bones, and Butter, a Memoir, and chef/owner of Prune, a restaurant in New York City, was the 2015 JHGWIR.



Help us ensure that students will continue to learn with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities! Our Kitchens house two custom-built commercial teaching kitchens, alongside a modern Dining Room and other amenities. Theory classes are taught one block away at The Learning Centre, which includes a lecture room with modern learning tools, library, and learning resources.




Your donation will help us advance food writing as an important source of knowledge about food culture for our students and the public, through our annual Gastronomic Writer in Residence Program.

The widely loved Joseph Hoare, former food editor of Toronto Life magazine, was immensely supportive of young writers interested in food and gastronomy, writers such as James Chatto, Lucy Waverman and John Allemang. After Mr. Hoare’s death in 1997, his family chose to honour his lifelong passion for food and food writing by means of an endowment to the innovative Gastronomic Writer in Residence at Stratford Chefs School, then renamed the Joseph Hoare Gastronomic Writer in Residence Program.

The Gastronomic Writer in Residence contributes to a well-rounded education for our students and the public by leading workshops about food writing, providing one-on-one consultations with students who are interested in food writing, and presenting their work to both students and the public. The goal of the program is to increase engagement, enjoyment and understanding of the gastronomy of our time, and advance food writing as an important source of knowledge about food culture.

Donations to the Joseph Hoare Gastronomic Writer in Residence Program Fund will help ensure the vibrancy of the Program is enhanced year after year.



Your donation will support one-of-a-kind SCS Fundraising Events, such as the Long Table Dinner or End-of-year Gala.



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Student Chefs from Class of 2023 prepare hors d'oeuvres for guests at the End-of Year Gala at The Bruce Hotel.



The success and longevity of our culinary program would not be possible without the ongoing support of a generous community. Local businesses, organizations, and individuals have all contributed to help Stratford Chefs School educate and train close to 900 Alumni.

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