Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Apprenticeship?
What is Enriched Apprenticeship?
Why is Apprenticeship advantageous?
How do Chefs School training hours compare to the Provincial Apprenticeship Curriculum Standard?
What are the eligibility requirements for Apprenticeship?
What Financial Aid options are available?
Why go to culinary school instead of working straight out of high school?
What is the training cost per hour for Apprentices?
Who regulates the Stratford Chefs School program?
What percentage of in-class training is experiential?
What Apprenticeships does Stratford Chefs School offer?
How many students are enrolled each year?
What is the age range of students?
What credentials will I have when I successfully complete the program?
When is the application due date?
How are instructors qualified?
What employment opportunities are available to graduates?
Does the Chefs School offer job search assistance to students and graduates?
Can I work while I attend Stratford Chefs School?
Does the Chefs School offer a residence?
Does the Chefs School offer a meal plan?
What is the difference between a Cook and a Chef?
What is an Apprenticeship contract?
Do I need an Apprenticeship contract before beginning the Stratford Chefs School program?
What if I already have a Cook Apprenticeship Contract?
How do I complete my Apprenticeship?
Does Stratford Chefs School offer a Red Seal preparatory course?
Is a Student who successfully completes the 16 week (Level One) Summer Program in September eligible to enrol in Level Two in October of the same year?
Does the Chefs School offer part-time courses?
When is Graduation?
What is an Ontario Career College (OCC)?
Is there a Stratford Chefs School Alumni Association (SCSAA)?
Does the Chefs School offer prospective student and parent information sessions?
What is a typical day like at Stratford Chefs School, in Level 1 of the Program?

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