Where the BEST CHEFS Train

Where the BEST CHEFS Train

Not-for-Profit career college focused on the innovative, hands-on training
of high quality, aspiring chefs and culinary entrepreneurs.
Get RED SEAL Ready

Get RED SEAL Ready

Complete our intensive Culinary School Program to get Red Seal ready!
Red Seal certification means you have demonstrated having
the knowledge to meet the trade’s national standard.
What Sets Us Apart?

What Sets Us Apart?

Stratford Chefs School is a respected leader in culinary training.
Visit the BLOG to find out why.
Why choose Stratford Chefs School?

What Sets Our Culinary School Apart

  • Our culinary school has industry-leading Instructors who educate, train, and coach you all the way to your Red Seal Exam! Commence and complete your Cook Apprenticeship at Stratford Chefs School.
  • Be part of a small culinary school class that allows you individualized time and training with our core Instructors to build personal skills, expertise, and career plans.
  • Get the education and tools required to become your own boss. Embrace your entrepreneurial spirit with a solid plan for your culinary future.
  • Gain real-world and practical hospitality experience in both back-of-house and front-of-house settings.
  • Learn what it takes to build your future in the culinary industry!
Learn More Learn MoreWhat Sets Our Culinary School Apart

Explore Our Culinary School Programs

Our 32-Week Professional Program allows students to complete their Cook Apprenticeship while studying at one of the best culinary schools in the country. 

Stratford Chefs School graduates have a well-rounded foundation for success in a wide variety of specializations within the hospitality industry.

Students in our 16-Week Summer Program can earn their Cook: Basic Level 1 Diploma and learn what is required to enter the culinary industry.

This program is geared toward career changers and those who may have time constraints, or those who wish to know more about working in a professional kitchen.


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Classes are held for enthusiastic home cooks, keen children and their parents, and those seeking to refine their skills in a specific culinary area.


Classes are offered March through September.


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