Jesse Way

Head Chef, Griffith Island Club | Class of 2015

Chef Jesse Way

Alumni Jesse Way grew up in Stratford, Ontario, surrounded by some of Canada’s best chefs, farmers, and the great support of the local community. He worked in the restaurant industry from a young age, which led him to enrol at Stratford Chefs School in 2013, graduating in 2015. Stratford Chefs School provided Jesse with all of the tools he needed to succeed in his culinary career.

Jesse is passionate about the hospitality industry, and has a particular love for the outdoors, wild game, seafood, and vegetables. He enjoys developing recipes, and understands that flavour development works best when surrounded by exceptional products. Jesse is Head Chef at Griffith Island Club, on a private island in Big Bay, ON, and spends any free time granted to him during his island work day near the garden or at the bee hives, watching his produce grow and making changes over time, while the bees are busy at work.

To quote Chef Jesse: “Simple flavours and appreciating the products can and will change the whole dish.”


Photo: Terry Manzo


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