Nikko Morito-Barber

Canadian Guest Chef, Alumni

Nikko Morito-Barber is originally from Barrie, Ontario, but has been living in Southwestern Ontario for the past seven years. Nikko graduated from the University of Guelph in 2019, and then decided to become a chef and attended the Stratford Chefs School. After graduating from SCS in 2021, Nikko was lucky to find quality work during the pandemic, climbing the ranks to Jr. Sous Chef at local restaurant Braai House, serving fine South African cuisine. During his time at Braai House, Nikko had the opportunity to stage at Langdon Hall and make incredible connections. Most recently, Nikko left Braai House to travel to Peru and Japan and explore his culture and find inspiration.

After returning, Nikko plans to find fulfilling work cooking Japanese cuisine in some of the best kitchens our country has to offer, as well as jump into the field of private dining. In terms of food, Nikko has always been infatuated by his own Japanese culture. The flavours, techniques used, and the respect for the ingredients is what he admires most. Nikko says he tries his best to respect the culture and traditions, while also being able to freely express himself; "I believe the Canadian Guest Chef menu I have put together embodies this mindset and all that I've learned from my mentors over the years."


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