Rich Francis

Chef & Founder, Seventh Fire Hospitality Group | Class of 2008

Rich Francis

Rich Francis is a Gwich’in / Haudenosaunee Chef who cooks modern Indigenous cuisine. He is Chef and Founder of Seventh Fire Hospitality Group, an Alumnus of Stratford Chefs School (Class of 2008), the co-producer of 'Red Chef Revival' and 'Wild Game' on Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN), and was a Top Chef Canada Finalist.

Chef Rich Francis combines his knowledge, understanding, and relationship with traditional Indigenous foods that he grew up harvesting and eating, with his education and experience as a contemporary chef. As a Gwich’in / Haudenosaunee chef, his cooking is influenced by both Nations. If you listen to the stories of his Jijuu (grandmother in Gwich’in) he will tell you how he grew up with certain flavours and how today, those smells and tastes remind him of home and his childhood.

Moving south at a young age, he was presented with a different kind of food. As the Haudenosaunee are farmers, he established a relationship with what is called Tyonhekhwen ("the sustainers" in Mohawk) or "three sisters": corn, beans, and squash, as well as other traditional plants and medicines.

Rich combines his knowledge of traditional foods and medicines to create the base of his dishes, resulting in a flavour combination that is uniquely his. You’ll experience flavours, textures and colours that will resonate with you.

By providing a new experience with Indigenous food that nourishes the mind, body and spirit of those who consume it, Seventh Fire aims to build cultural appreciation and understanding. 

Photo: Terry Manzo


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