Stev George

Chef-Owner, Olivea Restaurant and Riva Restaurant | Class of 1995

Chef and restaurateur Stev George is a Kingston, Ontario native. After completing a degree at McGill University, Stev attended the Stratford Chefs School where his focus on locally sourced ingredients began.

From his first job as a dishwasher at Chez Piggy to his latest accomplishments as Chef-Owner of Olivea Restaurant in Kingston and Riva Restaurant in Gananoque, he has been passionate about food and hospitality. At Olivea Stev lead the team to create authentic classic Italian dishes using fresh local food. Each year he takes the staff on a tour of Italy so they can experience the warm hospitality of Italy and learn how good simple flavours can be.

Riva, his latest restaurant, brings him back to Gananoque where he started his first restaurant Casa Bella in 2001. Stev is married to Deanna Harrington, his business partner, also a graduate of the Stratford Chefs School. The couple run their restaurants with the help of their three children Olivia, Bella and Harry.


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