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SCS in the News

SCS featured in documentary film

‘Pass the Salt’

A film with a Stratford flavour debuted Friday, Jan 17, 2020 on CBC TV.

Pass the Salt, a documentary by local filmmaker Michael McNamara featuring the Stratford Chefs School, premiered in January during The Nature of Things on CBC Television. The hour-long special explores salt, its various uses and whether it’s harmful or beneficial to human health.

Some health experts say salt is dangerous — even deadly — while others say that it’s an essential nutrient, not a vice or bad habit that we must kick.

Salt, or sodium chloride, is often used for food preservation, preparation and flavouring. It’s needed to dry brine meat, blanch vegetables and can even alter the texture of a dish. Randi Rudner, an instructor at Stratford Chefs School in Stratford, Ontario, says it would be impossible to run a quality restaurant without it.

Registered dietician Chelsea Cross says it’s vital for our heart, nerve and muscle function, as well as blood pressure regulation.

But there is a war on salt…















Randi Rudner, Stratford Chefs School program manager, right, talks with former student Jessica Johnston in Pass the Salt, a documentary by local filmmaker Michael McNamara, of Markham Street Films.


There are hundreds of different types of salt. Stratford Chefs School faculty and alumni featured in Pass the Salt  taste test a variety of salts and compare their thoughts on each.



LCBO Food & Drink Magazine

Holiday 2019 Feature











Stratford’s Vibrant Food Scene

Stratford’s thriving culinary scene is captured by #VisitStratford in this awesome video. We see quite a few familiar #StratfordChefAlumni faces! Click to watch now!

Video courtesy of Stratford Tourism Alliance.


Stratford’s #NextGen Chefs

Meaghan Evely – Saucier, Pazzo Taverna, SCS Class of 2017

Visit Stratford Blog


Stratford’s #NextGen Chefs

Ryan O’Donnell – Executive Chef, Windsor Hospitality, Mercer Kitchen, SCS Class of 2010

Visit Stratford Blog


Tourism Alliance marks 25th annual edition of Stratford Culinary Guide

The Beacon Herald


“The school is an incredible gateway to the heart of Stratford’s love and appreciation for food.”

Travel & Style Magazine


Farm To Table Book

2019 Taste Canada Award entrant

CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO . Global News: The Morning Show

Eat Drink Magazine: The Holiday Issue

Marion food sleuth feature

SCS Co-founder Eleanor Kane

Eat Drink Magazine: The Women’s Issue

SCS Alumni in the News

The Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail: Interview with SCS Alumnus Eric Robertson (r) and Eric Hadida, Chefs at The Restaurant at Pearl Morissette.

Beacon Herald

Postmedia: Ryan Brown returns to SCS as guest chef in residence

Media Features

“The chance to work extremely one on one with this calibre of chef and learn how to treat ingredients was pretty amazing.”

– Beja Cassiano, SCS Alumna

Toronto Life


Maclean’s: Canada’s best cooking schools

VIA Rail Magazine: Interview with Stratford resident Peter Mansbridge

More: Read SCS Alumni Testimonials

What Sets Stratford Chefs School Apart

Innovative, World-class Program*

Our unique program model is method-based, hands-on, experiential, work-integrated learning, safely adapted to Covid-19 protocols.

High Quality Program*

An enriched, immersive curriculum with exceptional standards and small classes. Collaborative, experiential learning through practical classes, Dinner Labs, and Dinners To Go, with strict adherence to Public Health requirements.

Expert Instructors

Our approachable Chef Instructors and Guest Chefs bring diverse experience and culinary backgrounds to our collaborative, real-world learning environment.

Not-for-Profit Model

Profits are reinvested into our program and facilities; fundraising helps keep tuition costs realistic.


SCS is widely recognized for training cooks who become the best chefs. Our reputation is built on Alumni success stories.


*This Employment Ontario Apprenticeship In-Class Training is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.  


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