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DATE: May 2019

SUPERVISOR’S TITLE: Executive Director


Stratford Chefs School (SCS) develops Canadian Chefs through a uniquely industry-driven program, which provides students with a thorough grounding in the theory and practice of classical cuisines, as well as the business knowledge for operating successful restaurants in today’s market. It is one of Canada’s leading entrepreneurial based culinary programs aimed at training future chefs.

The Stratford Chefs School programs require intensive work both in and out of the kitchen along with physical and mental stamina.  Recruiting a talented, dedicated group of students each year that are screened for their ability to succeed and become industry leaders is a goal of the School.  The ultimate goal being to recruit students into our 2-year program with sustainable returns for the school, as well as growing the proportion of International students in our new 16-week program.

Admissions is based on an assessment of a candidate’s career goals, educational background and achievement, work experience, personal achievements, communication skills and maturity, as well as their suitability to the Stratford Chefs School programs.  The Student Recruitment & Admissions Liaison is charged with identifying opportunities to enhance recruiting efforts to grow the SCS culinary programs.  Armed with strong sales acumen and the ability to exceed targets, this role is instrumental in delivering results to the Board of Directors.  A motivated, socially adept and skilled networker, the Liaison position will look for new opportunities to grow the program while delivering on performance metrics.



  • Develop, establish and maintain relationships with individuals, groups and organizations to increase enrolment in, and awareness of, the school.
  • Meet annual student recruitment targets; leads, applications and enrolment.
  • Develop profiles of student characteristics most likely to succeed.
  • Develop metrics for assessing incoming students.
  • Develop report card for reporting to Board of Directors.
  • Strategically identifying ongoing opportunities for enhancing and growing recruitment efforts.
  • Self -motivated, driven individual with strong sales background and communications skills.



  1. Develop strategy, organize and execute school admissions and recruitment processes.
  2. Execute outreach, marketing and International recruitment efforts tracking outcomes to enhance efficiencies.
  3. Perform administrative and office duties as they pertain to student recruitment and admissions.
  4. Reach out proactively to prospective students, schools and organizations to promote the unique opportunities and career potential available to SCS Alumni.



  1. Propose annual admissions KPI targets, to management, for approval.
  2. Meet monthly/annual admissions KPI targets.
  3. Produce bi-weekly recruitment and admissions reports to management, as required.
  4. Review and analyse key performance indicators for targets, trends and tolerance levels, as required.
  5. Propose appropriate promotional materials, to management, for approval.
  6. Identify creative ways to target and reach potential students.
  7. Work with Manager to leverage commitment for 2-year program.
  8. Partner with AMDEC to achieve International student targets.
  9. Identify marketing and sales strategies for targeting and closing students.
  10. Work with administration on the production and circulation of marketing materials, as required.
  11. Field incoming calls, with goal of moving them through the sales funnel, from all potential students interested in information about SCS programs.
  12. Work as a knowledgeable expert, and champion, of SCS programs, providing information and advice to prospective students and their families.
  13. Recognize applicants who will not be eligible for MTCU funding and work with MTCU field consultant to confirm applicant eligibility.
  14. Work with MTCU field consultant to promote the school through all available apprenticeship channels.
  15. Work with community organizations, career centres, school boards, etc to promote the school through all available channels.
  16. Develop high impact tours for prospective students/groups aimed at sparking passion for cooking and selling the unique attributes of SCS.
  17. Coordinate and execute the campus tours and student for a day programs.
  18. Identify and monitor the most effective recruiting sources/opportunities for future students.
  19. Attend, and deliver dynamic presentations, and undertake active networking, at outreach events and activities.
  20. Develop and execute admissions and interview process.
  21. Identify suitable students for offers of admission.
  22. Extend offers of admission with conditions, as required.
  23. Enrol students in Preparatory Course, as required.
  24. Maintain hard copy student files according to school procedures and in compliance with MTCU, OSAP and PCC regulatory requirements, including accurate student contracts.
  25. Support and abide by the policies and procedures in the Staff Handbook.
  26. Other duties, as required.



  • Capable of setting and meeting realistic timeframes on one’s own, for completing assignments.
  • Enthusiastic, passionate individual with strong sales acumen that can sell the program.
  • Develop and deliver impactful recruiting presentations and marketing content to attract and convert new students.



  • Operating independently with minimal direction while keeping manager informed of possible issues.
  • Identifying new markets for students.
  • Identify opportunities for meeting and exceeding targets.
  • Working in a competitive environment and communicating differentiating factors to sell SCS.
  • Identifying and targeting students with the potential to complete the program and succeed.
  • Establishing best practices and scripts for success.



  • Employees, students and the public.
  • Identifying and developing partnerships (e.g. AMDSB International Student Recruitment)





Strong sales acumen


Strong industry contacts – a benefit

Critical assessment and ability to problem solve



Detail oriented

Team player

  1. Passion for culinary arts and youth education.
  2. Driven to exceed targets with a strong desire to build a successful sustainable program.
  3. General understanding of the ‘sales’ process, including the presentation of clear, articulate proposals and the steps required to bring prospective transactions to successful closure.
  4. Strong working knowledge of key marketing and communications tools, including collateral print pieces and the use of internet and social media to achieve marketing and sales targets.
  5. Clear, authoritative and persuasive verbal and written communication skills, including public speaking, presentations to large groups and networking.
  6. Keen understanding of what it takes to succeed in the hospitality industry.
  7. High Emotional Quotient values, including excellent interpersonal and empathetic listening skills.
  8. Requisite computer skills and the ability to associate and assemble relevant data and success factors in the production of status and progress reports for staff and the Board of Directors.
  9. Demonstrated organizational skill and ability — able to establish priorities while multi-tasking, and work independently with minimal supervision.
  10. Ability to apply common sense in problem-solving situations.
  11. Flexibility – a willingness to travel and work irregular hours.



Office environment. Travel, offsite presentations, events and activities.




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