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Jon Rennie

Jon Rennie

Canadian Guest Chef 2019

Jon Rennie has always been fascinated by food. As a child he would consistently order the one thing on a menu he had never tried, often to his parents chagrin as it would be the most expensive item. He began cooking as a teen, making family dinners regularly, experimenting on patient parents with flavours, learning from his mistakes, and pushing himself to always move forward.

Jon attended George Brown College, finding John Higgins to be a wonderful mentor who shared his excitement for flavour: “Flavour is King.”

Spending most of his career in Waterloo, Jon’s pursuit of flavour eventually landed him exploring the intense palate of Southeast Asia with Paul Boehmer of Bhima’s Warung and subsequently opening the posh Loloan Lobby Bar as executive chef. Now embarking on a journey of self-discovery and, in continuing this pursuit of flavour, Jon has departed from Loloan and Bhima’s to reflect on his own vision of food, life and flavour and where that will take him.

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The program runs from June 3 – September 20, 2019.

Successful students will graduate with a Cook: Basic – Level 1 Diploma.

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