Kim Cosgrove

Executive Director | Class of 2003

Executive Director

Originally from Stratford, Kim received a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Queen’s University before returning to Stratford to attend the Stratford Chefs School, graduating with honours in 2003. Kim has worked at a number of restaurants including the Green Room at the Stratford Festival; York Street Kitchen, Rundles and Bijou in Stratford; and Vinehaven Bakery in Niagara. As well, she has staged in California at Oliveto in Oakland and Terra in St. Helena, Napa Valley; and at Avalon in Toronto.

Before accepting her current position of Executive Director, Kim spent three years as Cookery Instructor where she taught Level 1 Cookery, Commodities, Larder, and Level 2 Restaurant Labs. She then worked as Executive Assistant for six years with a focus on cookery curriculum development.


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