Joyce Singh

Chef Instructor: Lab Cookery | Class of 2008

Joyce Singh is a native of Stratford who acquired a degree in Nutrition from University of Western Ontario in 2002 (where her favourite class was cooking). Moving to Toronto shortly after University gave her a literal and figurative taste of how exciting and varied food could be. Alas, it wasn't until a blessedly unsuccessful stint as an accounts receivable clerk that Joyce realized how she really wanted to spend her time. Within a few months, she enrolled at Stratford Chefs School, loved the immersive and passionate environment, and graduated with honours in 2008. After gaining experience to complete her apprenticeship, she found her footing by teaching cooking classes to the public at two cooking studios in Toronto: Dish and Cookery from 2013 to 2021.

In addition to working with the public, she was also an instructor at Centennial College covering practical classes, nutrition and cuisine/culture. As for many, the pandemic made her rethink her priorities and she returned to Stratford to be closer to family. She is so thrilled to be working with students again as Lab Cookery Instructor and looks forward to encouraging them in their passion for this most exciting career.


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