Julian Palmer

Chef Instructor: Lab Cookery | Alumnus (Class of 2020)

Julian Palmer was born and raised in London, Ontario. He began his career washing dishes at a local diner and soon after moved to Toronto in search of more exciting cuisine. Julian worked under notable chefs in multiple fine dining establishments in the city, The Chase and OMAW being the most notable. Julian and his wife Katie moved to Stratford in 2019 to further his knowledge of classical cookery at the Stratford Chefs School. They loved this small town so much that they decided to stay.

Upon graduating from SCS with honours, Julian began as a sous chef at Braai House in Stratford and quickly progressed to Chef de Cuisine where he began to focus on fermentation and wood fire-based cuisines. Julian is currently teaching culinary programs at Fanshawe College and is the consulting chef for Matilda Swanson Gallery, a new small plates restaurant and art gallery in Stratford.


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