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Level One Nutrition

This component will provide students with a basic understanding of modern nutritional theory and its application to menu planning in today’s restaurants. Students will learn to modify nutrient content in menus by making adjustments to…


Theresa Albert
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Level One Sanitation

In this course, students learn the basic rules of personal hygiene, the necessity of maintaining a clean establishment, how to maintain kitchen and tabletop equipment, and assess the nature and dangers of chemical cleaning agents…


Ian Middleton
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Level One Writing

This course will teach students creative and business writing as it applies to the culinary field. This course will explore writing techniques for job applications, responses to complaints, restaurant reviews, marketing, social media, and food…


Melissa Graham
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Level One Wine

A chef needs to understand wine and its importance in enhancing a customer’s food experience as well as its contribution to the profitability of a restaurant. This course will introduce students to key grape varietals…


Bob Latham
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Level One Internship

In order to complete Level One and qualify for Level Two, each student must provide the Stratford Chefs School with evidence of having successfully completed a 7-month summer internship between Level One and Two. Students…

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Level Two Restaurant Lab Cookery

The Restaurant Lab component – the Stratford Chefs School dinners and lunches – is a practical cookery exercise in which the student continues to develop basic culinary skills. In addition, the student has the opportunity…


Scott Roberts
Mike Booth
Marc Chartrand
Randi Rudner
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Level Two Restaurant Lab Service

As part of the Restaurant Labs, students take on senior service roles in the dining room, acting as Maitre d’Hotel, Sommelier and Server several times during the year, receiving guidance and feedback from the service…


Kathlyn Bell
Frances Latham
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Level Two Restaurant Lab Delivery Plan

In this component, the student chef will prepare one menu package: an organizational analysis of the menu. Issues considered include: an organizational chart, job specifications and training action plans.


Eli Silverthorne
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Level Two Restaurant Lab Menu Theory

Preparing a written menu package for one menu will provide the student chef with the opportunity to critically analyse the menu. The exercise requires students to examine the style of cuisine, gastronomical and nutritional approaches,…


Eli Silverthorne
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What Sets Stratford Chefs School Apart



Innovative, World-class Program

Our unique program model is method-based, hands-on, experiential, work-integrated learning, safely adapted to Covid-19 protocols.

High Quality Program

An enriched, immersive curriculum with exceptional standards and small classes. Collaborative, experiential learning through practical classes, Dinner Labs, and Dinners To Go, with strict adherence to Public Health requirements.

Expert Instructors

Our approachable Chef Instructors and Guest Chefs bring diverse experience and culinary backgrounds to our collaborative, real-world learning environment.

Not-for-Profit Model

Profits are reinvested into our program and facilities; fundraising helps keep tuition costs realistic.


SCS is widely recognized for training cooks who become the best chefs. Our reputation is built on Alumni success stories.

Applications are now open for our 16 Week Summer 2021 Diploma Program and our 32 Week Professional Diploma Program 2021-22!

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