Eli Silverthorne

Chef Instructor | Open Kitchen Program Manager | Class of 2015

Chef Instructor: Cookery, Culinary Management, Food History, Lab Packages, Recipe Specs | Open Kitchen Manager

Eli Silverthorne (Class of 2015) is a firm advocate for Canadian Cuisine, food history, and applied culinary sciences. After graduating from Stratford Chefs School with distinction, Eli worked under chefs Bryan Steele (The Prune), and Jonathan Gushue (The Berlin), while accomplishing various stages across the country, from Araxi in Whistler, to Scaramouche and Richmond Station in Toronto, and Maison Publique in Montreal.

He enjoys slow food cooking methods, curing, smoking, preservation, and fermentation; and teaching the nuances of all things culinary. In addition to teaching our practical, theory and food sciences programming, Chef Eli is also responsible for designing, organizing and leading classes in our public Open Kitchen program.


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