The SCS Alumni Project | September 2, 2021

September 2, 2021


Ann Marie Moss | Moss Berry Farm

If you’ve ever met Ann Marie Moss (Class of 1992), her indefatigable spirit, gentle smile and Irish charm will make you feel like you’re the luckiest person in the world. And one can get the feeling it’s the world Ann Marie has set out to conquer. This Stratford Chefs School alumna has an amazing story to tell about passion, hard work and entrepreneurship. 
stratford chefs school alumna
Many of these qualities were borne of her experiences growing up on Moss Berry Farm where she worked alongside her seven siblings and her parents picking berries among the many other tasks involved in family farming. In her spare time, she was establishing herself in service and management positions at SCS founding restaurants Rundles and The Old Prune. It was here that Ann Marie’s interest was piqued to attend SCS. “I grew up working with entrepreneurs,” she says, referencing the School’s co-founders James Morris and Eleanor Kane. “Chefs school gave me transferable skills which you can apply to any industry.”

After graduating from the University of Guelph with a degree in Hotel and Food Administration she traded her book bag for a backpack and headed for Australia.  Upon returning home Ann Marie decided to enrol in Stratford Chefs School because she saw first-hand the school was run by people who would strive to meet the highest expectations in the industry: “If your expectations are high, the quality can’t be lower.”  This is the ethic Ann Marie has brought to her numerous entrepreneurial endeavours.

Her first independent business was baking pies and supplying them to Stratford restaurants like Down the Street. “I did everything from scratch, which was difficult, but you learn a lot from running your own business.” The pies transitioned nicely to her and husband Al Weber’s Moss Berry Farm Preserves which they sell across the country.  “It’s been an exercise in growing a quality product in the marketplace.” Next up, the couple created Moss Berry Farm’s Original Canadian Switchel, an all-natural energy drink. “We wanted to develop a traditional beverage made with real ingredients. We’ve introduced something new to the market and targeted it to health-conscious younger people,” says Ann Marie. Turns out it’s even more popular with older people. “Taking risks is part of success. Sometimes you just don’t know what will happen.”

Parents to four adult children, in addition to running the jam and switchel business, she and her husband Al are developing a Christmas tree farm on the family property south of Stratford. Did we mention she also teaches high school in Waterloo? Must be something in those berries!  You can visit Ann Marie and try her delicious jams and switchels at
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Photography by Terry Manzo  (SCS Class of 1985)


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Photography: Terry Manzo | Video Edit: Slater Manzo




5 STAR REVIEW What a great evening!
The video instructions are very helpful, and we learned new skills… the meal was a sensory delightso many delicious flavours, textures and colours. Thank you!” -OK@H Patron Erin L., June 2, 2021

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Photography by Terry Manzo (SCS Class of 1985)

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