The Future of Food Sustainability

April 16, 2024

Food sustainability has been part of Stratford Chefs School ‘s prestigious program since the beginning, when the School was founded in 1983. 

Stratford Chefs School Program Manager Randi Rudner shares her expertise and insights on the future of food, sustainability, and the next generation of culinary artists, with radio host Peggy O’Neil.

Our students have always been interested in food sustainability, but our students’ understanding of sustainability and concerns with sustainability have shifted, it’s become more robust. Now our students understand sustainability to not just mean organic, or local, or line-caught, or grass-fed. There’s a growing awareness that sustainability is a more global concern and has to extend not just to the products themselves and the way we source these products, but also the human resources of the restaurant industry. Wages and working conditions have to be sustainable at every step, from field to fork… it’s that global appreciation that is really shaping our curriculum.” – Chef Randi Rudner

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In addition to being a graduate of Stratford Chefs School (Class of 2012), Randi Rudner is Program Manager and Instructor at the School, and co-Chef of The Prune Restaurant, in Stratford, Ontario during the summer theatre season.

Founded in 1983, Stratford Chefs School is a leading Canadian culinary institution that integrates food sustainability into its comprehensive training. Its unique Apprenticeship program emphasizes classical culinary techniques alongside essential business skills, preparing students for success in the evolving culinary industry. The school continually adapts its curriculum to meet modern food sustainability practices, maintaining its reputation as a top choice for aspiring chefs.. 

Food for the Future is a weekly hope-inspiring radio show and podcast that brings the Humanities to today’s food dialogue, by showcasing everyday people trying to make a difference. The show shares encouraging stories from family farmers, “big thinkers”, conservationists, and artisans who dedicate their lives to growing a brighter future in their communities and our world through “food for thought”, innovation, agri-food traditions, and leadership. 

Listen to Food for the Future from Global News | 980 CFPL Radio by clicking here. Available on Curiouscast, Apple Podcasts and Spotify. 

Photo of Randi Rudner by Terry Manzo (Stratford Chefs School | Class of 1985)

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