Weekly Update | October 21-27, 2021 • Stratford Chefs School

Weekly Update | October 21-27, 2021

Multi-course Prix Fixe Menus available for Dine-In and TO GO

Be part of our Students’ learning! Enjoy a memorable Student Chef Dinner experience at the School’s Dining Room. As part of the professional cookery program curriculum, our Students prepare and serve exceptional four or more course prix fixe dinner menus for the public, under the tutelage of professional chefs from our community and across Canada.
Level 2 Students work in set groups throughout the year preparing meals that are served to the public. They rotate through all the kitchen and front-of-house positions over the course of the school year. You’ll meet our Students as they learn by doing various Front of House positions such as Maitre d’Hotel, Sommelier and Service.
Chef Instructor Mike Booth explains more about Dinner Labs in the video below.


It is always a pleasure to be at the Chefs School, delicious inventive food painstakingly prepared and presented. Makes one feel like royalty. -Rosemary D., Dinner Guest, December 1, 2020
Shrimp Dumplings with Fresh Kimchi and Soy Vinaigrette
Arugula and Spinach Salad with Grilled King Oyster Mushrooms
Grilled Marinated Pork Tenderloin with Smokey Peanut Mole
Chocolate Cake with Sicilian Sabayon
Level 2, Group A Student Chefs
Chef Instructor: Scott Roberts
$55 per person Dine In
includes coffee or tea
$45 per person Dinner To Go
Add Wine Pairings Package (15 oz)
$20 per person

Charred Tandoori Shrimp Cocktail with Apple and Mango
Butternut Squash Tortellini with Carrot Juice, Smoked Butter, Toasted Sunflower Seeds
Roast Duck Breast Tagine & Israeli Couscous
Passionfruit Panna Cotta with Mango Sorbet & Mango Wafers

Level 2, Group B Student Chefs
Chef Instructor: Jonathan Kemeny
$55 per person Dine In
includes coffee or tea
$45 per person Dinner To Go
Add Wine Pairings Package (15 oz)
$20 per person

Brassicas with Charred Onion, Potato Purée and Olive Oil
Roasted Squash Soup with White Beans, Smoked Crème Fraiche, and Crisp Bacon
Leg of Lamb Cleopatra with Harissa and Couscous
Little Carrot Cakes with Raisins, Cajeta, and Warm Sabayon
Level 2, Group A Student Chefs
Chef Instructor: Randi Rudne
$55 per person Dine In
includes coffee or tea
$45 per person Dinner To Go
Add Wine Pairings Package (15 oz)
$20 per person

Little Mushroom and Tomato Tarts with Taleggio
Grilled Spicy Bean Curd, Peanuts, Thai Basil
Roast Sweet Potato Salad with Cabbage, Kohlrabi, Corn Granola
Pea and Cauliflower Chickpea Pancakes, Green Vinaigrette
Roast Pears, Gingerbread Cake, Piña Colada Sauce, Almond Ice
Level 2, Group B Student Chefs
Chef Instructor: Mike Booth
$55 per person Dine In
includes coffee or tea
$45 per person Dinner To Go
Add Wine Pairings Package (15 oz)
$20 per person

Pozole Rojo with Hominy
Celery Root Bagna Cauda
Coq au Vin, with Potato Pavé and Roasted Carrots
Tarte Tatin with Parsnip Ice Cream
Level 2, Group A Student Chefs
Chef Instructor: Randi Rudner
$55 per person Dine In
includes coffee or tea
$45 per person Dinner To Go
Add Wine Pairings Package (15 oz)
$20 per person

The high quality food and diversity of the menus is like visiting a whole new restaurant each time!
A lovely evening.” Dinner Guest, February 27, 2020

Meet Our Dinner Lab Chef Instructors

Four amazing Chef Instructors guide our Student Chefs and their teams in creating memorable Dinners for the public, from late October through early March.
Dynamic culinary duo Mike Booth and Randi Rudner (above left) are both grads of SCS and core instructors. Randi is also the School’s Program Manager, while Mike also serves as the School’s Purchasing Agent. You can see Randi in action in Thursday and Saturday Dinner Labs, and Mike leads the kitchen team on Friday evenings.
New to the Faculty this year is SCS Alumni Jonathan Kemeny (Class of 2011) (above centre), who will work with the Students in Wednesday Dinner Labs. Welcome Jonathan!
Toronto-based chef Scott Roberts (above right) brings his considerable talents back to SCS again this year for Tuesday Dinner Labs, starting this Tuesday, October 26th!

Experiential Learning: SCS Dinner Labs

Chef Instructor Mike Booth explains more about SCS Dinner Labs.

Please note: In compliance with Government Protocols, all Dine-In patrons must show proof of full Covid-19 vaccination and personal identification before being seated in our facility. Guests must also wear masks when not seated at their assigned table. Click for more info / FAQ.




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Photography by Terry Manzo (SCS Class of 1985)

What Sets Stratford Chefs School Apart

Innovative, World-class Program*

Our unique program model is method-based, hands-on, experiential, work-integrated learning, safely adapted to Covid-19 protocols.

High Quality Program*

An enriched, immersive curriculum with exceptional standards and small classes. Collaborative, experiential learning through practical classes, Dinner Labs, and Dinners To Go, with strict adherence to Public Health requirements.

Expert Instructors

Our approachable Chef Instructors and Guest Chefs bring diverse experience and culinary backgrounds to our collaborative, real-world learning environment.

Not-for-Profit Model

Profits are reinvested into our program and facilities; fundraising helps keep tuition costs realistic.


SCS is widely recognized for training cooks who become the best chefs. Our reputation is built on Alumni success stories.


*This Employment Ontario Apprenticeship In-Class Training is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.  


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