Alumni Feature: Corbin Mathany (Hudson’s on First, Duncan, British Columbia)

March 27, 2018

Corbin Mathany, Executive Chef of Hudson’s on First in Duncan, British Columbia, graduated from the Stratford Chefs School in 2012. He was also recently featured in an issue of Boulevard Lifestyle. Click here to read what he had to say about his time at SCS (he is featured on page 18).


What is your favourite restaurant?
Pilgrimme (Galiano Island, BC)


What is your favourite cookbook?

Plantlab (at the moment)


What is your guilty pleasure food?

A coke at the beginning of service.


What food did you think was over-rated until you tried it?

West-coast oysters


Favourite knife or kitchen tool?

Pressure cooker, hands down


What restaurant dish seemed the most intimidating but is actually really easy to make?

The croissants we make for brunch.


Favourite ingredient you can’t get enough of right now?

Wild fennel seeds from Victoria… so much better than the ones you can buy, and the plants grow out of every crack in the sidewalk.


What is a new technique/flavour you are experimenting with currently?

Fluid gels and other applications of agar agar…. but I don’t think I’m a fan.


Are there any recipes from SCS you still use?

Absolutely. Too many to count. We make the puff pastry all the time, and a chocolate tuile on one of the desserts is from SCS… I still have all of my manuals & I refer to them often.


What is your best SCS memory?
Too many great ones to choose from!


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