Gastronomy Feature | Olivia Hinchberger

February 19, 2021

One of the theory classes that Level 2 Students take at SCS is Gastronomy, which seeks to examine the critical issues facing our food systems, as well as the roles food and cooking play in modern culture. A recent assignment asked students to investigate a current issue of personal interest in Canadian food production and consumption, and we think some of the very thoughtful submissions might be of interest to you, at home!

Touching on such wide-ranging issues as maple syrup rebels in Quebec,urban agriculture in Toronto, community gardening in Stratford, and commercial fishing on Georgian Bay, our students are engaging with the realities of the world around them with curious minds and great sensitivity. With the students’ permission, we will share some of their assignments over the next few weeks.

Feature #1: Canadian Food in the 21st Century: The Cartel, Rebels and Thieves of Quebec’s Maple Syrup Industry, by Olivia Hinchberger.

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