Weekly Update | June 16-22, 2022

June 16, 2022

Alumni Feature | Daniel Cassar
Valedictorian, Class of 2022

A culinary career was not in Daniel’s line of vision when he chose to study at Western University and pursue a Bachelor of Medical Science degree. However, after working for a time at a food science laboratory and watching his classmates ready themselves for their MCATs, Daniel recognized that he was at a great school, but needed to change course and follow his life-long passion for restaurants..
Daniel landed at Baker Street Station in Guelph, Ontario and worked under Stratford Chefs School graduate, Chef-owner Heather Mitchell (Class of 2013). Daniel was hooked and for six months, he watched and learned as Heather shared her talents, insights, and techniques. When the global pandemic slowed things down in 2020, Daniel realized that it was the perfect time for him to head back to school, choosing Stratford Chefs School’s 32-Week Professional Program. Daniel’s passion to learn proper culinary techniques, investigate international cuisine, and understand the science of cooking made SCS his only choice.
Being part of a team that pushed gastronomy and hospitality for 12 to 14 hours a day was a dream come true for Daniel. He loved the School’s sense of community and bonded well with his peers. Bouncing ideas and talking food with like-minded souls allowed Daniel to stay razor-focused and thrive. Perhaps one of Daniel’s fondest times at the School was being Student Chef under Canadian Guest Chef Neil Baxter. With Chef Baxter’s reputation and sky-high standards in mind, Daniel and his Level 2 group had the opportunity of a lifetime, working with not only Guest Chef Baxter, but also Chef Randi Rudner and Chef Mike Booth in the SCS kitchens, executing a fine-dining experience that transcended all of Daniel’s expectations.
Post-graduation, Daniel is excited to see the world opening again and plans to have a little fun. He has already been to Europe with his family and sees himself, perhaps in a couple of years, traveling and finding the unsung tapas and wine bars in the far corners of the Earth. In the meantime, Daniel is utilizing his education at Elora Mill Hotel & Spa, working alongside fellow SCS graduate, Jazmyn Munn (Class of 2021) and an extraordinary team of culinary experts. In his spare time, Daniel is continuing his Wine Education and pursuing his Level 1 Award in Wines through Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET).
Daniel’s advice to prospective and incoming Level 1 students is simple and straightforward:
Work Hard! Keep up! Have fun and enjoy yourself because the time flies by, and then you are done, ready for the workplace.”
Hear more from Daniel at our upcoming ‘Go Behind The Scenes at SCS’  live webinar on Monday, July 18. More details coming soon!
Class of 2022

Daniel Cassar | Class of 2022

Daniel Cassar | Class of 2022 Valedictorian

Attention Foodies! Our Open Kitchen cooking class program, led by Chef Instructor Eli Silverthorne, is running through September, and has something for everyone!
‘Get Cooking!⁠’ classes are intensive workshops focused on themed recipes, such as our classes on Vegetarian cooking, and a variety of International cuisines like SpainGreeceChinaIndiaIsrael, and others.⁠
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‘Trade Secrets’⁠ focuses on exploring a cooking technique, dish or product, such as quick meals, the ultimate Burgerfast fermented breads,⁠ pasta-making, and more.
Classes are hands-on and limited in size. Check out the schedule and book your spots early!
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Photography by Terry Manzo (SCS Class of 1985)

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