Alumni Feature: Simon Briggs, Culinary Instructor - Stratford Chefs School

Alumni Feature: Simon Briggs, Culinary Instructor

I was born in Lerwick, Scotland and grew up near Aberdeen. I was interested in cooking at a young age, watching my mother cook. After traveling and working in many pubs I came to Canada in 2005. After graduating from the Stratford Chefs School in 2011, I worked mainly in pastry, but have recently gone back to the savoury side of the kitchen. I have been teaching at the school since 2012 and had the pleasure of guiding many students through their culinary journeys.


What is your favourite restaurant?

The Gardeners Cottage – Edinburgh, Scotland



What is your favourite cookbook?

Tacos – Alex Stupak


What is your guilty pleasure food?

Dirty Nachos and cheap beer


What food did you think was over-rated until you tried it?



Favourite knife or kitchen tool?

Kuhn, coloured paring knife with safety sheath. It lives in my pocket and I use it for everything.


What restaurant dish seemed the most intimidating, but is actually really easy to make?



Favourite ingredient you can’t get enough of right now?

Hanger steak


What is a new technique/flavour you are experimenting with currently?

Smoking and curing


Are there any recipes from SCS you still use?

Lots and all the time.


What is your best SCS memory?

Working with Riccardo Camanini when he taught at the school 2010/2011.


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