Alumni Feature: Victoria Allman (Class of 1995)

May 4, 2018


After being awakened to global food at the Stratford Chef’s School, Victoria Allman wanted to go out and taste the flavours she had been studying in their own countries. Victoria became a private chef, cooking her way around the world on yachts. This has allowed her to not only study what paella is but how it is made in Spain by authentic local cooks. Victoria has been lucky enough to visit 52 countries – cooking and eating her way through the cuisine of each. Victoria currently works as a Yacht Chef for Motor Yacht Odessa.


What is your favourite restaurant?
Currently: the curry stand in Lombok that sells the freshest nasi goreng using vegetables from the woman’s garden


What is your favourite cookbook?


What is your guilty pleasure food?

Portuguese tarts


What food did you think was over-rated until you tried it?



Favourite knife or kitchen tool?

Citrus reamer


What restaurant dish seemed the most intimidating but is actually really easy to make?

Sous-vide (I was a late comer, believing it was cheating – until I tried it!)


Favourite ingredient you can’t get enough of right now?

Whiskey-barrel fermented fish sauce


What is a new technique/flavour you are experimenting with currently?

Hay-flavoured Canola oil from Norway is my new favourite plate presentation ingredient

Are there any recipes from SCS you still use?

Chef Baxter’s Pain Rustica


What is your best SCS memory?
Meeting all of the famous Chefs and realizing that with hard work, I could live this life.


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