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July 27, 2022


Perth County Farms to Stratford Tables

Stratford and Perth County are known to rival larger urban centers with impressive cuisine, diversity, exceptional chefs and fresh, local products; largely due to the close proximity to producers available year-round. Stratford’s creative culinary scene is also linked to the Stratford Chefs School, and the strong entrepreneurship and community pride within the city.
Video courtesy of Destination Stratford
This video begins its journey at McIntosh Farms; a Perth County farm owned and operated by Erin and Shawn McIntosh who proudly provide pasture-raised meat and eggs to Stratford and Perth County restaurants, retail shops, and residents. The video takes viewers along for the journey, showcasing the diverse variety of local deliveries to chefs and business owners,  demonstrating the close relationship between the restaurants and producers before the fresh, local produce is exceptionally prepared and enjoyed at the table.

Restaurant Scene Reboot | DINE Magazine

“The recent addition of al fresco dining transformed the town square into a vibrant piazza as though we were in some small town in Europe. Along with a migration of young urbanites, Stratford seemed to become more cosmopolitan overnight – certainly like no other city of its size.

And nowhere has this all been better reflected than in the restaurant scene, where an eclectic range of kitchens has popped up to elevate the taste of Stratford to the gastronomic destination it’s become.”


School may not be in session, but there is a lot happening at Stratford Chefs School!
Stay tuned for next week’s big announcements, including the introduction of our new Joseph Hoare Gastronomic Writer in Residence, two exciting upcoming Webinars, new Open House Sundays, and more!

Attention Foodies! Our Open Kitchen cooking class program, led by Chef Instructor Eli Silverthorne, is running through September, and has something for everyone!
‘Get Cooking!⁠’ classes are intensive workshops focused on themed recipes, such as our classes on Vegetarian cooking, and a variety of International cuisines like SpainGreeceChinaIndiaIsrael, and others.⁠
‘How Do I Use That?’⁠ classes are informative workshops that demonstrate new-to-you kitchen tools or gadgets such as Knife Sharpening, Immersion Circulators for sous vide, and Smokers.⁠
‘Trade Secrets’⁠ focuses on exploring a cooking technique, dish or product, such as quick meals, the ultimate burgerfast fermented breads,⁠ pasta-making, and more.
Classes are hands-on and limited in size. Check out the schedule and book your spots early!
Review our current Safety Measures.




QUESTIONS? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page or email Admissions at: admissions@stratfordchef.com

Photography by Terry Manzo (SCS Class of 1985)

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