Alumni Feature | Cody Wideman, The Mill Stone (Class of 2019) - Stratford Chefs School

Alumni Feature | Cody Wideman, The Mill Stone (Class of 2019)

Cody Wideman | Class of 2019

Head Chef at The Mill Stone Restaurant, Stratford

I grew up in rural Ontario, surrounded by farms and beautiful produce. My mom was a firm believer in heading to the St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market every weekend to pick up the freshest produce possible. She insisted on eating local seasonal ingredients, and now I like to apply the same concept when designing menu items.

What is your favourite restaurant?

It’s really hard to pick one restaurant as a favourite. I have had memorable meals at some fantastic restaurants; Alo, Mon Lapin, The (Old) Prune during the 2019 season. If I had to pick a favourite restaurant in Stratford right now, it would most certainly be AO Pasta.

What is your favourite cookbook?

I like drawing ideas from The Flavor Bible. I can see flavours that make sense and then search through my collection of materials.

What is your guilty pleasure food?

Favourite knife or kitchen tool?

I love busting out the deck brush, it always means there’s a deep cleaning happening!!

Favourite ingredient you can’t get enough of right now?

I am turning into someone who really loves fall, so right now I’m excited to work with beets and squash. I think they are such beautiful products that can be showstoppers with little manipulation.

What is a new technique/flavour you are experimenting with currently?

I am experimenting with various chilies and applying heat in subtle ways to add depth of flavour without being over-powering.

Are there any recipes from SCS you still use?

I love the poblano sauce from the Practical Cookery Manual. It’s such an interesting sauce that not too many people have tasted. We are currently using it on our fried chicken dish.

What is your best SCS memory?

My fondest memory of SCS is handing in my Restaurant Lab package written report. I had spent weeks working on it and it was such an accomplishment to finally hand it in!!

Chef Cody recently joined The Mill Stone Restaurant & Bar as part of a brand new team running both the kitchen and the dining room, who have made many exciting changes! Check out their cool Back Door Bodega located at 22 York Street – a takeout window offering amazing tacos, frites, hand pies, beverages, and other tasty takeaways to enjoy as a picnic or at home!

The main restaurant is located at 30 Ontario Street, in downtown Stratford. Blending authentic approaches with global flavours and techniques, both kitchen and bar offer familiar comforts alongside interesting creations, with a particular penchant for tacos & margaritas.  Drawing inspiration from around the world, Chef Cody uses local ingredients from local suppliers; menus change with the seasons and reflect what is available locally.

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