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July 17, 2020

Mike Booth (pictured right) received a Bachelor of Science degree from Mount Allison University in 1999 before beginning his career in the culinary arts. In 2000, he left Canada for Europe to pursue his dream of becoming a chef. After staging in Borgomanero, Italy, at Michelin-rated Ristorante Pinocchio, he moved to the Netherlands to work in the beer and wine industry. Mike returned to Canada in 2004 to attend the Stratford Chefs School, graduating in 2006. While attending school, he spent two seasons at Rundles Restaurant in Stratford. Mike is an Instructor and Purchasing Agent at the Chefs School.

Hailing originally from Montreal, Randi Rudner (left) lived in Kingston for 12 years. There, she took an undergraduate degree in philosophy at Queen’s University, taught clinical and communication skills at Queen’s University Medical School, and co-owned a co-operative cafe, where she found her place in the kitchen. Randi’s position as sous chef in a restaurant owned by graduates of the Stratford Chefs School led to her enrolment in the Chefs School, where she graduated with honours in 2012. Randi worked under Chef Neil Baxter at Rundles Restaurant for 6 years, at Pazzo Taverna with Yva Santini (SCS Class of 2009), at The Prune with Jamie Crosby and is delighted to be Program Manager and a core member of the Stratford Chefs School faculty.


Both Alumni and SCS Faculty, Randi and Mike are also the Chef Team creating delicious and gigantic from scratch submarine sandwiches this summer at Somewhere A Restaurant‘s innovative new pop up sub sandwich shoppe in downtown Stratford, where they make just about everything themselves. And if they can’t make it, they buy it from friends who do.

“Our cheese, pork, beef, poultry, and eggs come from producers and farmers right here, in this community. As different vegetables come into season in this part of the world, we’re gonna get ‘em here, too. These choices all cost more money, but we think it is worth every single cent. Supporting the local economy and paying fair prices for fairly produced food is really hecking important to us, plus also, it makes our sandwiches great. We combine traditional preparations with local ingredients for sandwiches that are both authentic, innovative and weigh in at over a pound!” 


We’re looking forward to having Randi and Mike back at the School working with our students this fall! In the meantime, enjoy their one-of-a-kind culinary creations!

Photos from Somewhere A Restaurant.

Since the School’s beginning in 1983, our intensive, entrepreneurial program has provided grads like Randi and Mike with a solid foundation to pursue opportunities in the Hospitality industry, and beyond!




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