Baking Basics | Weekly Update for August 24-30, 2023

August 23, 2023


Our 16-Week Summer Program students have passed the half-way mark and as they continue to study a different cooking methodology each week, their skills and confidence grow. This past week, the students studied and practiced the methodology of BAKING. While most home cooks may conjure up recipes of cookies, loaves, and cakes, our students tackled Terrines, Pizza, Beef Wellington, Tourtière, Quiche, and much more.

Week 9 – Summer Program Baking

As they worked in the kitchens, our students learned the importance of appropriate seasoning of baked goods before they are placed in the oven. They learned that, once an item has been baked, additional seasoning and flavouring will alter the texture of the cooked item. The students also learned that a cook must closely monitor the progress of baked goods, adjusting the oven temperature if necessary, to ensure that items do not overcook and become dry and poor tasting. They learned that most ovens have hot spots; but by following Chef Baxter’s instruction carefully, the students produced beautiful results and proudly shared their dishes with lucky staff members. It was a delicious week!
Top Photo: Beef Wellington (N. Baxter)
Above Left: Quiche (S. McKillop) | Above Right: Tourtière (S. McKillop)

From Our Friends at Stratford Summer Music

Don’t miss Fiddles and Food Trucks in support of Stratford Summer Music …where all roads lead to music.
At the end of Kelly’s Lane in Stratford, is a beautiful farm with an old stone house and a barn set on acres of corn fields. It is at this idyllic location that SSM has invited Maggie’s Wake to fire up their fiddles!

On-site will be Ken’s Fries and Jonny’s vintage beer truck pouring house made craft selections. Lady Glaze Doughnuts will be serving milkshakes and sinfully delicious doughnuts. Host Mayor Martin Ritsma will be the onsite grill master and Pelee Island Winery has generously stocked the wine bar. This year some incredible raffle prizes will be available, including a full 2024 SSM Season Pass, plus a small, but mighty, live auction with unique items and experiences, all in support of bringing quality music to Stratford.

Join us September 14 at this second annual “toe-tapping, barn-raising” event in support of Stratford Summer Music. Tickets are going fast!

OPEN KITCHEN Public Cooking Classes

There is an Open Kitchen cooking class for every interest! Choose from a variety of hands-on public sessions that include a fun new Trade Secrets class called Home ‘Hacks’, as well as Inspired by Mexico and all about Eggs!
Hurry – classes are limited capacity and fill up quickly – reserve  online now!

The intersection of education, hospitality and passion at which the SCS Staff live and work is phenomenal, and the dedication and care that they each bring to every aspect of their role at the Chefs School is the reason that this institution is so special. I’ve learned so very much about this industry and about life while I’ve been here, but the biggest lesson I will take away from any of this is the importance of giving a damn. All of you give a damn, and it has changed lives at this place since 1983.”
Jonathon Farrell | Stratford Chefs School Class of 2023 Valedictorian
The Stratford Chefs School provides the training to create world-class chefs who are comfortable working in any kitchen environment. Its immersive, approachable, interactive curriculum provided me with the tools and confidence that I needed early on in my career to make the transition from the school setting to the workforce. Perhaps most important to me are the lasting friendships that were made, the ongoing support from the SCS community, and exciting collaborations with other alumni.”
Alondra Galvez | Owner/Chef, El Cactus Taco Shop | Stratford Chefs School Class of 2003
The Stratford Chefs School offers an unparalleled learning environment in which students are immersed in a hands-on, realistic approach of what to expect in the culinary industry. My experience at the Stratford Chefs School exposed me to various cuisines, a limitless spectrum of cooking techniques, and an opportunity to work directly with renowned chefs. The calibre of the instructors, and their cumulative experience in the field, laid the foundation on which I could build the confidence I needed in order to pursue my career path.”
Yva Santini | Chef, The Flour Mill, St. Marys | Stratford Chefs School Class of 2009
At the Chefs School, I was given the opportunity to challenge myself, and expand the limits of my culinary skill and knowledge. SCS gave me the ability to trust in my own skill and allowed me to expand my knowledge. Now I confidently pass that skill and knowledge to my students.”
Mel Athulathmudali | Teacher, Strata Montessori | Owner, Chef Mel Catering | Stratford Chefs School Class of 2016



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Photography by Terry Manzo (SCS Class of 1985)

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