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Welcome to our Open Kitchen!

For the first time in the School’s 34 year history we are offering spring and summer cooking classes and learning experiences devoted to the dedicated home cook.


Trade Secrets

Intensive workshops focused on a cooking technique, dish or product. Subjects include Wine, Pastry, Butchery and more.


Get Cooking

Intensive workshops focused on themed recipes. Subjects include Bistro, Vegetarian, and International Cuisine.


Boot Camps

A multi-day course focused on skill and knowledge development. Subject areas include Fermentation, Cookery, Pastry, Bread and Wine.


Team Building & Wellness

Social and educational hands on cooking events for groups of 15 to 30 allow guests to cook alongside friends and colleagues or break into teams and compete. Let us build a unique event to suit your team.


Learn more about your cooking instructor, Ian Middleton

Learn more about your wine instructor, Bob Latham



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Next up:

Trade Secrets | International Grape Varieties: Eight Wines from Around the World

Trade Secrets | Ice Cream

Boot Camp | Sourdough Bread

Get Cooking | Meatless Mondays: Entrees

Trade Secrets | Risotto

Trade Secrets | Pasta

The Wines of Northern France

The Wines of Southern France

The Wines of Northern Italy

The Wines of Southern Italy

The Wines of Spain

The Wines of Portugal

The Wines of Australia

The Wines of New Zealand

The Wines of Ontario & British Columbia

The Wines of Chile & Argentina


June and July events coming soon!

The 2017 Open Kitchen Programme has been generously sponsored by Dr. Dennis B. Nuhn and Laurie Nuhn

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