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Chef Eli | Eggs 101

Eggs are indispensable to the modern professional kitchen, and much more than a great way to “start one’s day.”  Eggs can be prepared deliciously on their own in a variety of classical ways: pan fried, scrambled, poached, hard boiled, and more. In…

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Weekly Update | April 24-30, 2020

Meet Moss Berry Farm’s Anne Marie Moss (SCS Class of 1992), Chef Eli’s Open Kitchen Tips, our weekly recipe, and more!

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Chef Eli | Creating a Sourdough Bread Starter

Want to try making your own bread at home? Chef Eli shares the science and steps to make a good sourdough starter culture and keep it alive.

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Weekly Update | April 17-23, 2020

“At Monforte, we’re convinced the small things do indeed make a difference, that agriculture is best practiced on a human scale…” Meet Monforte Dairy’s Ruth Klahsen (SCS Class of 1983), try our Open Kitchen Recipe of the week, and more!

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Alumni Feature | Matthew James Duffy | Class of 2008

SCS Alumnus Matthew James Duffy is a Professor and Program Coordinator at Centennial College. He has an extensive culinary background and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Guelph. A graduate of Stratford Chefs School, Matthew now specializes in the baking and pastry…

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Alumni Feature | Anne Marie Moss | Class of 1992

The food industry clearly made a mark on Moss. She studied hospitality at the University of Guelph and graduated from the Stratford Chefs School in 1992. “I always wanted to be a chef.” she says. She apprenticed at Rundles and for a…

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Weekly Update | April 9-16, 2020

Kitchen Tips from Open Kitchen’s Chef Eli | Our recipe for this week, and more!

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Chef Eli: Ten Steps of Stock Production

Stocks are the backbone of any kitchen and their skillful production, reduction and use are the mark of a true cook / chef.  In the traditional kitchen / brigade structure, this type of stock production would fall on the saucier who would be a…

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Weekly Update: April 3-9, 2020

SCS Alumni Feature: meet Chef Mel Athulathmudali | Your weekly Open Kitchen recipe, and more in our weekly update.

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What Sets Stratford Chefs School Apart

Innovative, World-class Program*

Our unique program model is method-based, hands-on, experiential, work-integrated learning, safely adapted to Covid-19 protocols.

High Quality Program*

An enriched, immersive curriculum with exceptional standards and small classes. Collaborative, experiential learning through practical classes, Dinner Labs, and Dinners To Go, with strict adherence to Public Health requirements.

Expert Instructors

Our approachable Chef Instructors and Guest Chefs bring diverse experience and culinary backgrounds to our collaborative, real-world learning environment.

Not-for-Profit Model

Profits are reinvested into our program and facilities; fundraising helps keep tuition costs realistic.


SCS is widely recognized for training cooks who become the best chefs. Our reputation is built on Alumni success stories.


*This Employment Ontario Apprenticeship In-Class Training is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.  


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